About Thymes of Change

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Hi, welcome to my online Cookbook!!  This all began several years ago when I joined The Daring Kitchen recommended by my lovely step-daughters…and since then, my kitchen has never been the same!!

It’s been an exciting journey, into baking, cooking, photography and writing!  All are still a work in progress but one that I will take my time on 🙂 

It’s also exciting to see that this Blog has become a meeting place for friends and family. I now have several contributors, friends who have been generous enough to share their favourite recipes with me and join me in this journey!

My collection of cookbooks, internet websites and kitchen gadgets has grown along with my courage.  I am no longer afraid to just throw things together, nor am I afraid of pastry dough or yeast or just asking questions!  I do vow that all recipes on this site have been tried and tested.  I have followed many recipes that contain errors and have learned from them and corrected them for my own blog.  I hope you enjoy my collection as much as my family and friends have!

Happy Baking and Cooking!


3 thoughts on “About Thymes of Change

  1. Pauline,
    I couldn’t wait to get home and look at your recipe blog. Wow ! It is a work of art as your photographs are beautiful and your writing is impressive. I loved your oprning comments. Can”t wait to try your exceptional crab cakes. Have a wonderful day!
    Love Kath

  2. My all time favorite is Paulines’ s Miini Sliders Excellent. Combination of ingredients , the taste is. harmonious . Unbeatable presentation.

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